Prague Orbit

Prague Orbit is a charity cycling tour around Prague which is regularly organized by Billigence company. Its goal is to connect people who are enthusiastic about riding a bicycle and supporting a good thing.

How it all began

The whole idea was born on a plane from Dusseldorf to Prague when our colleagues, Michael Kapr and Tomáš Mátl, were thinking that it would be great to ride around Prague and invite the whole team, customers and friends too.

Connecting like-minded people from whole Europe who share a passion for sports and/or data, seemed like a great idea.


We raised for the Association of Parents and Friends of the "DAR" Center.

How it went

The third Prague Orbit is behind us and it was a fantastic event again. We raised €4100 for the Association of Parents and Friends of the DAR Center, which will help 14 families with children with mental and/or physical disabilities.

And how did it look like? We rode in two groups: one rode the whole route around Prague (about 80 km) and the other went more comfortable 35 km.

After the ride, we gave away ceramic medals, which were made for us by the sheltered workshop A MANO in Prague and the Jedlička Institute in Liberec, and then we enjoyed a bbq party to recover and have fun in a good company of enthusiastic bikers.

We would like to thank all those who participated in the event for their help, support and great atmosphere. We look forward to the Prague Orbit 2019!

Who we help

Every year, we endeavour not only to excite others for a nice bike trip, but also to help people who take care of the needy ones.

We ride for a good purpose

This year, we were collecting money for the organization which supports the DAR Center which provides care and support for families with disabled children (with mental, physical, sensory, combined, autism disabilities).

The aim of the Association is to raise funds for services that are above standards for DAR, for example respite services, canistherapy, hippotherapy, training and courses for physiotherapists, special individual compensatory and training aids.


Billigence is originally an Australian company with Czech roots, which now has offices in different countries and continents. Its main mission is to help other companies and organizations with their data.

Our Prague team runs projects across Europe and is full of sporty enthusiasts.


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