We ride for a good purpose

Association of parents and friends of “DAR” Center is a support organization for the DAR Center, which falls under DC Paprsek Praha 6 providing care and support for families with disabled children (with mental, physical, sensory, combined, autism disabilities).

The aim of the Association is to raise funds for services that are above standards for DAR, for example, respite services, canistherapy, hippotherapy, training and courses for physiotherapists, special individual compensatory and training aids.

A MANO sheltered workshop was created by the need to provide graduates of the Vocational School work practice and employability with regard to their capabilities, abilities and needs. Working conditions in the workshop are tailored to the needs of employees with mental and combined disabilities, so that work for people with disabilities has not only practical benefits but is also great for socializing and rehabilitation.

Jedlička Center Liberec offers support to people with physical and combined disabilities in situations where they can not cope. These individuals are supported according to their individual possibilities, the autonomy and responsibility of their active life in society.